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Success is never defined in its absolute sense. It is very much a subject of relative performance to face the present day competition. Children need to introduce the spirit of competitiveness from an early age and start preparation for major milestone achievements, well in advance so as to avoid stress and pressure of preparation.

Message from Director :

In the modern world the very essence of education is overshadowed by corporate giants, making it more of a business than the preparation of a future generation. Most of the current so called educational institutions focus on making students gain top ranks rather than having them gain knowledge. Money and background of a child are given more importance than one’s talents and interests. This is among the primitive reasons why our nation is yet to be called developed. But, can we not change this? The answer would be a certain ‘yes’ but only if we both- the management and parents take the right step in shaping our child’s future. Let us focus on what has to be done and not what the world wants us to do. The change could begin right here with you. "MENTORS ACADEMY Program for IIT” provides education the way it was meant to be in the first place. We do not stress students on studying various books on a multitude of half understood concepts. We do not ask them to remember things, we teach them how to learn things instead.

Mission :

We aspire on providing every child with stress free-high quality, non-commercial education which the child not just learns but cherishes for the rest of his/her life. Each one of our faculty is committed in helping the students cope with the present competition with the right spirit and determination.

Vision :

'Mentors' Academy visualizes itself as a dominant leader in the domain of Competitive examinations across the country. We are expanding by the day and intend to extend our uncompromised educational services to every child in this country.

Resource Persons

Sri P. V. R. K. Murthy garu is known for his energy, dynamism and ability to plan. He knows that the master word is work. He is fully alive to the demands and the requirements of the students. His enthusiasm initiative and determination in producing successful IIT’ans knows no bounds. He is responsible for many noticeable changes in the education system regarding Intermediate education and in competitive examination like IIT Mains, IIT Advanced, NEET, etc. Being a physics lecturer, he contributed his might in producing successful IIT’ans. He has authored many books in IIT stream for the benefit of the students.

Mr. Ch.N.V. Murthy garu is an accomplished mathematics lecturer and the founder director of Geethanjali Educational Institutions. He is endowed with scholarship, dedication and keen interest in sorting out the problems of the students. His skills and experience is a great dividend for IIT’ans by any calculus of measurement. Who can make the success to run after him like a child. Who is none other than our I.I.T Murthy.

Mr. Y.N.R. Sir garu is renowned chemistry faculty in Vijayawada from last 3 decades. He is very gentle and calm, known for his profound talent. Solutions are always at his finger tips. He is sublime and never allows precipitation of the crisis. He is a man with dedication and faces the hardships like a rock. He feels that, the importance of English in every aspect is a must. He is highly experienced and his master word is success. Who is none other than our Y.N.R. Garu.

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