The true reflections of high standard of achievement through the real source of Three volumes of Books (Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry), with conceptual questions & activity based problems. The material which is provided by the Mentors Academy is thoroughly scientific & time bounded. We provide materials precisely for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with high standard content which consists of conceptual based questions and activity based problems for easy learning. These materials help to reduce the pressurized way of learning.


As we all know that, in teaching-learning process, systematic approach to teaching is most importance. Hence, specially designed teaching lesson plan is introduced with an emphasis on the in-depth coverage of syllabus. A proven and well tailored DAY WISE teaching schedule for all the subjects enable’s the students to go parallel with the regular classes for hassle free and uniform teaching.


We conduct a common test for all associated schools periodically to analyze the capability of the students. A Weekly common test for all the students for all the classes in all associated schools will be conducted in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects. These common examinations help to analyze the capability of the students and class performance. This class performance helps to the management to assess school status in academics.


An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. So along with wonderful teaching, practice for a student is necessary to get success in academics. For more practice it is better to maintain practice papers. So MENTORS ACADEMY provides weekly practice test papers based on the previous syllabus.


We constantly strive to improve the quality levels of teaching. We train our faculty by providing them PROFESSIONAL TEACHING AID 24x7, so that the faculty can teach the best to their students. We provide clear guidelines to a teacher to instill their students in a better way in academics.


Technology improves the education to a greater extent and it has now become a need revolutionizing education for the better. With technology managements, students and parents have a variety of academic analysis at their fingertips.

  • Analysis of all students will be generated and distributed to all schools after every test to encourage their students to reach greater heights.
  • Apart from announcing the results of the test conducted, the list of errors in the test is generated that was committed by a student. It gives an insight into the mistakes and helps to rectify in future.
  • SMS is sent after every test so that all parents can have a better outlook and an idea on academic standards of their children.


8000+ students in 50+ schools get empowered in their academics. With the database of 8000+ students, we provide class wise, subject wise, state wide ranking every week among all the students in all associated schools. So that a healthy competition is always maintained and students attempt to push their limits even further. Apart from providing the results of the test conducted, the list of errors in the test is generated that was committed by a student. It gives an insight into the mistakes and helps to rectify in future.

Regular Follow Up Calls with Parents / Guardians / School Managements

Mentors Academy regularly maintains a healthy relationship with the managements and parents. The performance of student will be sent to the parents in the form of SMS after every test so that parents can have a better outlook about their children’s academic standards. We take it as our sole responsibility to keep every parent informed about their child’s progress. © All Rights Reserved.

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