We do not ask our students to remember things
we teach them how to learn things instead.

Preparatory Material

The true reflections of high standards of achievements is from the real source of books with high standard content which consists of conceptual based questions headed by necessary synopsis.The material which is provided by the Mentors Academy is thoroughly scientific & time bounded. The uniquely designed material helps in developing competitive temperament by laying strong foundation and helps to reduce the pressurized way of learning.


Micro Schedule

As we all know that, the reflective teaching methodology is highly exhaustive and systematic which raise the academic levels of the students to the pinnacle of excellence. Hence we introduce uniquely designed micro level day wise teaching schedule for the foundation program, which enables the students to go parallel with their regular classes for hassle free and uniform learning.


Real Time Common Assessment

We conduct real time common assessment test for all our associated schools to analyze the learning capabilities of the students and also the class performance in each subject. This assessment helps the management to assess the individual student as well as class progress in each subject.


Weekly Practice Papers

‘An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching’. So along with effective teaching, practice for a student is necessary to get success in academics. So we provide weekly practice papers based on syllabus taught.

Practice Papers

Professional Teaching AID

We constantly strive hard to improve the quality levels of teaching and we are just a phone call away from the faculty of associated schools for the academic support.

Pro Teaching

Technology Support

Technology improves the education to a greater extent and it has now become a need revolutionizing education for the better. With technology managements, students and parents have a variety of academic analysis at their fingertips.

Analysis of all students will be generated and distributed to all schools after every test to encourage their students to reach greater heights.

Apart from announcing the results of the test conducted, the list of errors in the test is generated that was committed by a student. It gives an insight into the mistakes and helps to rectify in future.

SMS is sent after every test so that all parents can have a better outlook and an idea on academic standards of their children.

Technology Support

Performance Metrics

50000+ students in 300+ schools are getting empowered in their academics with our technology. With the database of 50000+ students, the managements, students and parents can have different types of academic analysis (class wise, subject wise and state wide ranking among all the students in all associated schools) in their fingertips. Apart from providing the academic analysis for the test conducted, the list of errors committed by a student in the test is also generated. It gives an insight into the mistakes and helps to rectify him-self in future.

The performance of the student will be sent to the parents in the form of SMS after every test so that parents can have a better outlook about their children’s academic standards. We take it as our sole responsibility to keep every parent informed about their child’s progress.

Performance Metrics

Regular Follow Up

Our academic coordinators are regularly in-touch with the program incharge / management of every school for the smooth running of the program.

Regular Follow up